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From Amino Acids to the Primary Structure - No Peptide Bonds

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C101 Ch 6 V 1.mp4

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C101 Ch 5 V 3.mp4

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C101 Ch 5 V 2.mp4

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C101 Ch 5 V 4

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c101 Ch 3 V 1

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c101 Ch 3 V 3.1

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c101 Ch 3 V 3.2

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Climate Change at Copenhagen: getting ready

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Absorption of Organic Chromophores

This is an older edition from SP17 C481 that should probably be retired.

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Carbon_and_Emissions_Panel_20170303.mp4 - Clipped by John Walker

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Allosteric Interactions: Phenomological Description

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Shielding and Chemical Shift

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Dipole-Dipole Forces

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Introduction to Amino Acids

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Function of Proteins

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12/5/16 Colloquium Series - Charles Kolstad: “Regulating Carbon in a Small Open Economy”

California has embarked on a bold experiment in trying to reduce carbon emissions without causing undue harm to the state’s economy. The goal is made more difficult by the…

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Synthesis Problems Involving Addition, Elimination, and Substitution

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Edward Humphries

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The Constitution of a Compound

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Mass/Volume Concentration

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Heats of Formation

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Bond Enthalpies and Reaction Enthalpies

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Hess's Law - An Overview

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