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K200 - Week 3 Instructions

Video Covers: Internet PPTs; The Internet Map; History of the Internet; How the Internet Work; PILOT Tutorial Set-up & Instructions; Exam 1 Study Guide

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K200 Needed Skills - 2018 Aug 26 02:45:03

Needed Skills: Getting to Desktop; Finding Downloads and Documents; Right-click on Web link to open in new tab or window; Taskbar and Ungrouping Windows; Insert button on keyboard; Numbers Lock on…

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Global Perspectives Series: Lecture 6 Ambassador Laurence Wohlers

Laurence Wohlers, United States Ambassador to the Central African Republic since September, 2010, presented "What Happens When a State Collapses?" the sixth lecture in the Global…

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Muller Lecture: Nancy Wexler

Nancy Wexler, president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation and Higgins Professor of Neuropsychology in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at Columbia University, is a leading geneticist…

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The Veritas Forum at Indiana University

Is Science Enough? A Conversation on Naturalism, Faith, and MeaningThe 2015 Veritas Forum at IU features a panel discussion with IU Professors of differing worldviews (two Christians and two…

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Dr. Robert Calin-Jageman, "The New Statistics and Open Science: How to get started" (IU Workshop in Methods, 2017-09-29)

Recently the Association for Psychological Science revised its publication guidelines to reward Open Science practices and to encourage the use of the “New Statistics” as a better…

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SPEA Winter Commencement Recognition

The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs celebrates the accomplishments of its graduating class of masters students with the December Recognition Ceremony for the Class of…

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