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COVID Times and Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results (Nov 18, 2021)

COVID Times & Student Engagement: Using and Interpreting NSSE 2021 Results NSSE results confirm that the coronavirus pandemic continued to have an impact on higher education and students in…

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On April 16th, 2021, Indy Museum Exchange hosted Digital Donor Engagement and COVID-19: How to Keep IN Touch, a webinar on engaging donors of cultural institutions during the pandemic, discussing…

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Creativity and Art vs. a Pandemic

Presented as a part of the 2021 IUPUI International Festival on February 24, 2021 at 12:30 pm. Join Professor Laura Holzman, Public Scholar of Curatorial Practices and Visual…

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Rural Indiana’s Shot: A COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

Do you and your family have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? This virtual panel discussion covers:How current vaccines and those in development work in the fight against COVID-19 The…

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College Ask Aaron Webinar 02-03-21

Dr. Aaron Carroll answers questions from The College about COVID19.

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Behavioral Health in Indiana: Impacts of COVID and a New State Strategy | Indiana University Rural Conference 2020

Join Jay Chaudhary and Rachel Halleck, director and chief of staff of the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction, for a discussion about the new state strategy for addressing needs at the…

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Grand Rounds - “Loneliness and functionality: More than a Covid Crisis” Brandon Budiman-Steinley 9.8.20

Loneliness and functionality: More than a Covid Crisis - Brandon Budiman-Steinley

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What to Expect: Drive-Through Check-In at IUPUI

A video drive-through to make sure students living in on-campus housing know what to expect during our new centralized check-in process. We guide you through on-arrival testing, give you your Crimson…

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PPE Ordering Process Infoshare

Note: Starting October 19 PPE and sanitization supply orders may be placed on a monthly basis. This video outlines the new PPE and sanitization supply ordering process, walks through the FireForm…

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2020-05-19 Process Improvement Tools to Help (Wietholter)

Lana Wietholter | Associate Faculty in Operations | Kelley School of Business The learning objective of this webinar is problem solving and critical thinking. It will help you diagnose problems and…

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NSSE & Coronavirus 2020: Preliminary Analysis Results and Recommendations

Analysis of preliminary 2020 data collected as of May 1 was conducted in response to concerns about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted operations at nearly all participating…

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2020-05-12 Innovating in a Time of Crisis (Awaysheh)

Amrou Awaysheh | Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the Kelley School of Business Amrou Awaysheh explains the Design Thinking process for healthcare and shares how you can put it…

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2020-05-06 Three COVID-19...Supply Chain (Frohlich)

Mark Frohlich | Associate Professor of Operations Management | Kelley School of BusinessMost healthcare organizations (and almost all other companies) are struggling with their supply chains during…

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2020-04-30 Six Domains of Leadership (Luther)

Ray Luther | Executive Coach and Senior Lecturer in Management and Entrepreneurship | Indiana University Kelley School of Business How the "Six Domains of Leadership" Model Can Help You…

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2020-04-15 Strategies and Tools for Care Team Collaboration... (Saxton)

Todd Saxton To help you lead during the turbulent and uncertain COVID-19 pandemic, the Kelley School of Business has assembled a special webinar series featuring Business of Medicine Physician MBA…

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2020-04-09 - Leadership During Time of Crisis (Porter)

Christopher O.L.H. Porter | One American Endowed Chair, Professor of Management and Physician MBA Chair | Kelley School of Business What makes a crisis unique? And how should it be managed?…

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2020-04-02 A Forecast of COVID-19's Economic Impact (Powell)

Phil Powell | Associate Dean and Associate Clinical Professor of Business Economics & Public Policy, Kelley School of Business COVID-19 will cause a very painful but short recession that…

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