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CI WG demo: CADRE (Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment)

IUNI's Valentin Pentchev presents CADRE to the South Big Data Hub's Data Sharing & Cyberinfrastructure Working Group.

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A short breakdown of CADRE

Watch as the IUNI IT team explains the significance of the SBD-Gateway project and how the CADRE platform works in this short video.

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COAS Direct Admission Induction Ceremony

Each year, the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the achievements of a small number of outstanding incoming freshmen by extending to these future scholars invitations of direct admission.…

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K200 - Download & Unzip Student Data Files

Video covers: How to download and unzip the student data files for the Canvas textbook "Skills for Success".

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Handling human subjects data responsibly

This panel of researchers in the humanities and social sciences will discuss practical strategies in dealing with human subjects data in their fields. Each will describe the most common issues they…

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Developing HIPAA compliant workflows for ePHI

Do you store or analyze research data containing PHI on IU systems? This session will walk researchers through the additional physical, administrative, and technical safeguards necessary to work with…

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Data Services for Human Subjects Research

These presentations provide an overview and discussion of the research data services offered by the Regenstrief Data Core and the IUPUI FSPH/IUSM Department of Biostatistics. Each speaker will…

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Securing HIPAA Workflows on UITS Systems

Learn how to ensure that protected health data is handled safely with this video. Please note: this video uses automatically generated captions. From time-to-time, these captions aren't…

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for new IUPUI Neurosciences Research Center

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels joined leaders of Indiana University and Indiana University Health today to recognize the start of construction that will result in a new center for research and clinical…

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CIBER Focus: "Information Governance around the World" with Scott Shackelford -- May 3, 2018

Scott Shackelford serves as a professor of business law and ethics at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. He is also the Cybersecurity Program Chair and Director of the Cybersecurity…

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Global Perspectives Series: Lecture 6 Ambassador Laurence Wohlers

Laurence Wohlers, United States Ambassador to the Central African Republic since September, 2010, presented "What Happens When a State Collapses?" the sixth lecture in the Global…

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Alice Waters Lecture

"Teaching Slow Food Values in a Fast Food Culture"Alice Waters, the world-renowned chef, author and food activist, visits the IU Bloomington campus to inaugurate IU's Food Project, a…

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Muller Lecture: Nancy Wexler

Nancy Wexler, president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation and Higgins Professor of Neuropsychology in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at Columbia University, is a leading geneticist…

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The Veritas Forum at Indiana University

Is Science Enough? A Conversation on Naturalism, Faith, and MeaningThe 2015 Veritas Forum at IU features a panel discussion with IU Professors of differing worldviews (two Christians and two…

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Jefferson Davis, "The Grammar of Graphics: An Introduction to ggplot2" (IU Workshop in Methods, 2017-10-13)

In The Grammar of Graphics, Leland Wilkinson created a systematic way to think about statistical graphics and the presentation of quantitative data. The package ggplot2 by Hadley Wickham implements…

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Dr. James Ziliak and Dr. Charles Hokayem, "Kentucky Research Data Center Infosession" (IU Workshop in Methods, 2017-09-22)

Friday, September 22, 2017 Dr. James Ziliak and Dr. Charles Hokayem, "Kentucky Research Data Center Infosession" Social Science Research Commons (Woodburn Hall 200), 2pmThe Kentucky…

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Dr. Robert Calin-Jageman, "The New Statistics and Open Science: How to get started" (IU Workshop in Methods, 2017-09-29)

Recently the Association for Psychological Science revised its publication guidelines to reward Open Science practices and to encourage the use of the “New Statistics” as a better…

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09/18/17 - Angie Raymond: “Information and the Regulatory Landscape: A Growing Need to Reconsider Existing Legal Frameworks”

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems are already being used to enhance our lives and to transform the way businesses operate. Businesses across a broad spectrum of industries are exploring…

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