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Importing the Quiz into your lab

I describe how to import the quiz into your lab, how to add it to the modules where it belongs, and what changes you will need to make to the quiz settings on Monday or Tuesday after it is complete…

From  Cynthia Smith 5 Months ago 45 views 0  

(3) How to Change the Grading Method in SoftChalk

In this video, I show you how to change the grading method used by the SoftChalk eBook. You have to be sure to do this, or your students will be able to keep taking the quizzes in the book multiple…

From  Cynthia Smith 6 Months ago 5 views 0  

(1) How to Import Content to your Lab sites from the Lab Template.

In this video, I show you how to import the Canvas Fall 2017 P155 Lab Template's content into your P155 lab sites. This is item #1 of your essential pre-semester set up tasks in Canvas.

From  Cynthia Smith 6 Months ago 7 views 0  

WATCH ME: How to Import eBook Materials Correctly

This is our longest and most important video. Here I first reverse some of the instruction I gave you on campus by having you delete anything you imported into your class that day. We figured out the…

From  Cynthia Smith 7 Months ago 85 views 0