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Editing Captions using the Kaltura Caption Editor

Learn how to edit closed captions in Kaltura's caption editor with this video.

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_Adding a Quiz to Kaltura Video

In this episode, Raj demonstrates how to add a quiz to a Kaltura video in your Canvas course.

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Editing Videos Using the Kaltura Video Editor

Kaltura provides a simple video editor that can be used to edit any video uploaded to Kaltura, and is especially helpful when you need to edit parts of a Zoom meeting or Kaltura Capture recording. …

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Recording Your Screen and Webcam Using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture, also referred to as Personal Capture, is a program that allows you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously, making it a great program to use for recorded presentations or…

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CEWiT Summit 2019 Workshop Welcome

This video was created to welcome participants to the workshop Converting Your Face-to-Face Class to Hybrid by Margaret Lion. This video was created using Kaltura CaptureSpace. This will be…

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_Video in Canvas with Kaltura

In this IC Quick Tip, we demonstrate how to: Open Kaltura Mediaspace in the Canvas LMS Record a video using Kaltura Capture Share your video in your Canvas course(s)

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Setting up a Kaltura channel

In this episode, we show you how to set up a channel for your new podcast in the IU Kaltura Mediaspace.

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Kaltura CaptureSpace: Recording a Presentation

Kaltura CaptureSpace allows you to record what's on your screen, as well as your webcam, at the same time - making it perfect for recording presentations! Learn how to capture a presentation…

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Kaltura Customer Stories

Our customers and partners share their insights on market trends, online video and Kaltura’s solutions. Explore real requirements from real organizations and learn how Kaltura transforms…

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Captioning Videos in Kaltura Webinar

This webinar explains how to use captions to make videos more accessible to deaf and hearing impaired users. It also reviews how to caption videos using Katura's Cielo Editor.

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