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Lance Armstrong, Testicular Cancer and the Tour de Cancer - Lawrence H. Einhorn, M.D.

The second lecture in the Leo J. McCarthy, M.D. History of Medicine Lectureship. Presented by Dr. Einhorn on November 18th, 2016. In May 2015, Leo J. McCarthy, M.D. made a generous gift to…

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Causation and Case Controls, Kurt Kroenke, M.D.

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Lung cancer presentation - Clipped by Irina Shi

Introduction of lung cancer

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Presentation for cancer course

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IUSCC_Grand_Rounds, March 24, 2017, Catherine Sears, MD

"The DNA repair protein XPC: possible links in smoking, emphysema and lung cancer"

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IUSCC_Grand_Rounds, February 24, 2017, Lisa Carter-Harris, PhD

"Lung Cancer Screening: Balancing the Patient and Provider Perspectives in a Complex Decision"

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IUSCC_Grand_Rounds_20170310. “Error Bars in Medical Imaging” Lawrence Marks, MD

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Kelsey Endahl Lung cancer presentation

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Physiology of Research (Kroenke) with notes

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