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IT Pro Water Cooler - 1 November 2018

Watercoolers are comprised of a keynote presentation and a series of lightning talks. Below are the presenters and their topics in order of appearance. [Keynote] Lee Staton -…

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Office 365 at IU: An Introduction

With this recording, learn about Microsoft Office 365 and explore specifics about Office 365 at Indiana University. This session helps learners understand benefits of using Office 365 and provides…

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Excel: Basic Automation Using Macros - Recording a Series of Actions

Learn how to create a macro in Excel with this video.

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Excel: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables - Sorting Non-Contiguous Data on a Mac

This video describes how to sort non-contiguous data in a PivotTable on a Mac.

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Excel: The Basics - Navigating the Worksheet

This video describes how to navigate the Excel interface.

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Learn IT Quick - Charting Excel Data

This short presentation provides in overview of charting data in Excel. It is intended for those already comfortable with using Excel who would like a solid but brief introduction into creating…

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Top 10 Tech Tips

Learn about some of the most valuable productivity tech resources available to the IU community and how to use them. You will learn how to find the resources you are looking for, use cloud…

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Using the KSBMedia PPT Graphic Template

There are two ways to go about using our graphic templates for your presentations. The first is if you are designing your presentation from scratch. The second way to use our graphic templates is…

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