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1998-11-14 vs Minnesota - Halftime

11/14/98 vs Minnesota: - Margaritaville, The Impression That I Get, Zoot Suit Riot

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1977-10-29 vs Minnesota - Halftime

10/29/77 vs Minnesota: - It's a Small World, El Congo Valiente, Russian Sailors Dance, Irish Tune from County Derry, Can Can, American Salute

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1991-11-02 vs Minnesota - Halftime

11/2/91 vs Minnesota: - Another Op'nin', Another Show; Anything Goes; A Cole Porter Salute

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2004-10-30 vs Minnesota - Halftime (Homecoming)

10/30/04 vs Minnesota: If I Only Knew; Proud Mary; Sing, Sing, Sing

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1994-10-01 vs Minnesota - Halftime

10/1/94 vs Minnesota: - Frankenstein, Wild Night, Heartbreaker, Get It On

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1989-10-21 vs Minnesota - Halftime (Homecoming)

10/21/89 vs Minnesota: - Artistry in Rhythm; Varsity Drag; Sing, Sing, Sing; One Moment in Time

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1988-10-15 vs Minnesota - Halftime (Homecoming)

10/15/88 vs Minnesota: - Take the A Train, Woodchopper's Ball, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Big Noise From Winnetka, King's Cross Climax

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1985-10-19 vs Minnesota - Halftme (Homecoming)

10/19/85 vs Minnesota - Celebration/San Francisco/Chicago; Tijuana Taxi/Chattanooga Choo-Choo; St. Louis Blues; New York, New York

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Marian Godeke Miller Lectureship Series: Dr. John R. Finnegan

The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington is committed to advancing health and well being through collaborative research, teaching, and service with partners both locally, across…

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