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Lab3_JeremyBoyd_ melo

Jeremy Boyd Christopher Renk Music and multimedia Sunday September 10, 2017 Melo I made the sample song Melo to introduce a combination of h a hip-hop beat with a dash of a R&B melody with…

From  Jeremy Boyd 6 Months ago 6 views 1  


Making my own track for the first time was more successful than I thought it would be. I first thought that making something completely from scratch (well, from a selection of loops in this case)…

From  Darek Mitchell 6 Months ago 5 views 0  

Week 3 Zedd Remix Rude Spencer Wierda

I really am a huge fan of Zedd so I decided to do his remix of Rude. I think the way Zedd produces is very clean and quality and original. I could not find a quality vocal so I just took it out as…

From  Spencer Wierda 6 Months ago 12 views 3  

Team 15 Meeting 8:30

Team 15 Meeting 8/30/17 after Live Lab 8/30/17. All members were in attendance: Alexandra Sazdanoff, Carly Truhler, Katherine Schwieterman, Nora Greene, Twisha Sharma, Tessa Schillerstrom.

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