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09/28/2017 Cybersecurity and Internet Governance Speaker Series - Peter Swire: “The Non-Code Aspects of Cybersecurity”

Professor Swire will provide a general discussion of his two decades as a scholar and government official in the area of cybersecurity. He will present new research on a conceptual structure for…

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Lecture 1: Course Overview (August 24)

This intro lecture teaches the significance of this course for your career and life, and discusses the model we'll use for learning about public oral communication.

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Lecture 12: More Speeches of Identification, Beginning of Finals Preparation

As promised, this lecture provides several more examples to give students plenty of experience with the principles and structure of the identification speech. You'll have to make a decision for…

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Lecture 1: A Great Power Loosed

The most important chapters of this introductory lecture are the chapters on speech as a "Great Power Loosed," and the "Theoretical Model of Communication" we are using in the…

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