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CIBER Focus: "Part 2 of U.S.-Cuba Relations: Economic and Legal Provisions" with Professor David Fidler - October 27, 2015

With restored U.S.-Cuba relations, different U.S. companies and institutions are gearing up to enter the island nation market. In this video, Professor Fidler shares his take on how the two…

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CIBER Focus: "Part 2: Iran Nuclear Deal - Economic and Socio-political Changes" with Professor Jamsheed Choksy - September 16, 2015

Continuing from the previous conversation on the unfolding details and negotiations of the Iran Nuclear Deal, in this part 2 of the topic, Professor Jamsheed Choksy gives us his insights on the…

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CIBER Focus: "Part 1: Iran Nuclear Deal - What Does It Mean for the U.S.?" with Professor Sumit Ganguly - September 14, 2015

Professor Sumit Ganguly, Director of IU Center on American and Global Security, shares with us his take on what kind of effects the monumental Iran Nuclear Deal could have on the U.S. in this first…

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