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Submitting Attendance in SER

This brief instructional video shows faculty how to efficiently submit attendance in the Student Engagement Roster, or SER, at Indiana University. SER offers faculty the opportunity to provide…

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Strategies for Using SER in Large Classes

In this video, faculty walk through the strategies and tips for completing the Student Engagement Roster (SER) for a large, multi-component class provided by Dr. Kathy Marrs. Ph.D., Associate…

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Why I Use SER with Large Classes?

In this video, Dr. Kathy Marrs, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology at IUPUI, explains why she uses the Student Engagement Roster (SER) to help students stay on track and be successful in the…

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SER 5 - Adding Feedback for Multiple Students

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SER 4 - Adding Feedback to Individual Students

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SER 3 - Adding a Student

This video shows how a faculty can add a student who's not enrolled in the course to their class roster. One reason a student would fall into this situation is when they are sitting in a class…

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SER 2 - Student Details

This introductory video shows the student details the SER provides a faculty member to aid in providing meaningful, constructive feedback to their students.

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SER 1 - Faculty Landing Page

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SER for Advisors - Student Engagement Roster

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