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Highlighting and Annotating Text in Engage

Learn how to add highlights and notes to your course materials using the Engage e-reader.

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Accessing and Navigating Engage

This video shows you how to access the Engage e-reader from your Canvas course, and demonstrates how to use Engage features.

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Viewing Notes in Legacy Engage

Learn how to view all your notes easily in one location.

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Downloading to a Device in Legacy Engage

Learn how to download your etext so you can read offline.

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Printing Pages in Legacy Engage

Learn how to print out pages using Engage.

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Copying and Pasting in Legacy Engage

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Using Bookmarks in Legacy Engage

Set up personal bookmarks to help you find content quickly.

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Searching in Legacy Engage

Want to find a term in your etext or library quickly? Learn how to use the powerful search feature in Engage.

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Accessing & Navigating Legacy Engage

New to Engage? Learn how to access your eText from your Canvas course and use its most common features.

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IU eTexts Basic Skills for Students

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IU eText: Basic Skills for Instructors

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