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Highlighting and Annotating Text in Engage

Learn how to add highlights and notes to your course materials using the Engage e-reader.

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Accessing and Navigating Engage

This video shows you how to access the Engage e-reader from your Canvas course, and demonstrates how to use Engage features.

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Viewing Notes in Legacy Engage

Learn how to view all your notes easily in one location.

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Downloading to a Device in Legacy Engage

Learn how to download your etext so you can read offline.

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Printing Pages in Legacy Engage

Learn how to print out pages using Engage.

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Copying and Pasting in Legacy Engage

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Using Bookmarks in Legacy Engage

Set up personal bookmarks to help you find content quickly.

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Searching in Legacy Engage

Want to find a term in your etext or library quickly? Learn how to use the powerful search feature in Engage.

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Accessing & Navigating Legacy Engage

New to Engage? Learn how to access your eText from your Canvas course and use its most common features.

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K200 - Video-Navigate-Canvas-2a-Textbook

Demonstrates finding and using eTexts textbook in Canvas.

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IU eTexts Basic Skills for Students

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IU eText: Basic Skills for Instructors

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eText Essentials For IT Pros 23 March 2017

IU eTexts are more than digital copies of traditional textbooks. They are tools that help reduce the cost of education, while enhancing student learning both in and outside the classroom

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