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Patten lecture: John Searle "The Logical Structure of Human Civilization"

Searle is a leading philosopher of the mind, language and society. He is considered one of the pioneers of speech act theory and a major contributor to the philosophy of mind and action, especially…

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Peds_GrRds_8/16/2017: “Unconscious Bias: How this can affect patient care and work environment” Alvaro Tori, MD

Scheduled recording

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SEM2016-12) Charles Seeger Lecture

[The audio at the very beginning of the presentations was not captured due to technical difficulties.] 4:15 pm-5:45 pm The 2016 Charles Seeger Lecture My Music Ellen Koskoff,…

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Jenkins Peer Hx #3

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2016_10_13_T175-BrendanOBryhim-bobryhim (upload 10/14)

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Edward Hatfield - Peer Hx Practice #1.mp4

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