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How to View Deadlines for Dropping a Course

Learn how to view deadlines for dropping a course in the SIS Student Center.

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I414/514/609 Tech for Animals, A Seminar on Animal-Computer Interaction

Course description and introduction

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INFO I411 and I511 - Introduction to ACI Methods

Course Description for INFO I411 and I511 - Intro to ACI Methods

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INFO-I216: Humans, Animals, and AI Course Description

Course description for INFO 216: Humans, Animals, and AI

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INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

Course description for INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

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INFO I414 and I514 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction

Course Description for INFO 411 and 511 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction.

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CIBER Pedagogy Global Foundations Core, Pivoting Short-Term Study Abroad, Episode 3

Featuring Erica Kovacs, this is the third of three interviews with Kelley School of Business faculty who found themselves having to pivot their short-term study abroad classes due to COVID-19.…

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Keep Teaching: Using your Syllabus to Guide Course Changes

In this webinar, you will engage in conversation about the adaptations you need to make to your course and how you will communicate those changes to your students. We will frame our conversation…

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M123 R6 Rational Expressions Intro

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IUSM WL - HS - 170821 - Walker

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IUSM WL - FCP1 - Course Intro - 170821 - Keller

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OLS 25200 Course Introduction

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LJETTPAC_01B_WK-1_PART_2_2017-07-26 11-33-15 - Clipped by Samuel Attoye

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2017_07_19_Brant Moriarity Professional Introduction video

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M123 Section 2.4B Ave Rate of Change

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Sec Reg Topic F Part 2: Public Sales of Securities II: Disclosure-Big Picture 2017

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Sec Reg Topic E Part 1: Public Sales of Securities I: Pre-Filing Period: Part 1

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Chapter one- 2017 Jul 13 04:35:58 - Clipped by Shawn Boyne

Ohlin Chapter One

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F251 01-3 Course Resources, Organization & Expectations

F251 Managing Personal & Financial Risk

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F152 01-3 Course Resources, Organization & Expectations

F152 Basic Financial Planning & Investment

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M215_2.6 Continuity

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M215_2.1 Limits, Ave & Inst Rate of Change

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Professional Writing and ACE Process PowerPoint with Narration

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Rhetorical Situation and Correspondence PPP with recording

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