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August Comp Directors

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Dr. Shelley Johns and Dr. Jennifer Carnahan

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Adobe Spark Video

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Dr. Kathleen Unroe and Dr. Tim Imler

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Kristi Monroy

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Being There 6

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Being There 3

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Mental Health in the Elderly

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Elderly Advocacy Group

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Written on the Wind climax

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10/31/16 Colloquium Series - Phil Stafford: “The Global Movement for Age-Friendly Communities”

This working paper will appear as a chapter in the fourth edition of the Cultural Context of Aging, Jay Sokolovsky, ed. Stafford provides an overview of the growing age-friendly community movement…

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Sandra Day O'Connor: First Female Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

From Makers: Women Who Make America

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Bobby Darin Singing Mack the Knife

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