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I414/514/609 Tech for Animals, A Seminar on Animal-Computer Interaction

Course description and introduction

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INFO I411 and I511 - Introduction to ACI Methods

Course Description for INFO I411 and I511 - Intro to ACI Methods

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INFO-I216: Humans, Animals, and AI Course Description

Course description for INFO 216: Humans, Animals, and AI

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INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

Course description for INFO I512 - Direct Observation and Design

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INFO I414 and I514 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction

Course Description for INFO 411 and 511 - Seminar in Animal Computer Interaction.

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Relating Civic Learning and Service Learning

This presentation is part of a series developed for the ICELER Faculty Learning Community. This segment defines civic learning and civic teaching and relates it to high impact practices like service…

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CIBER Focus: "Startup Companies and Entrepreneurship in Palestine - Part 3" with Claudia Alawi - November 19, 2017

Claudia Alawi has a background in computer systems engineering and has worked with the United Nations in Palestine. She also worked as a software consultant in the U.K. before returning to Palestine…

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Screen Capture - 2017 Aug 22 08:38:00

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IUPUI Science and Engineering Lab Building Dedication

University officials and friends gathered on the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus on Tuesday, November 19 and dedicated the new Science and Engineering Laboratory Building…

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CNPost_meeting 7/25/17

Demo and walk-through of CN Post in INFO C100 Chuck Stapke and Maggie Ricci

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M126 8.3 Vectors

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Audio Design

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SalesForce Apex Training - Session 14 on Change Management

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Sara Lowe Library Presentation

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Personal Statements

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02/13/2017 Colloquium Series - Nikos Zirogiannis: “Projecting the Impact of the Clean Power Plan on SO2 and NOx Emissions: An Empirical Approach”

We estimate the impact of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) on SO2 and NOx emissions. We focus on these co-pollutants because while the amount of CO2 emitted from electricity generation is well established,…

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L16 Operating Systems (Seg. 3)

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L9 MPI (Seg. 12)

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L9 MPI (Seg. 10)

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L9 MPI (Seg. 9)

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L9 MPI (Seg. 4)

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Lecture 05 - Part 2

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