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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse_C522 Woodhouse Module 9 Leading and Managing IT

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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse_C522 Woodhouse Module 8 Enterprise Architecture overview

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2017_08_14-CPCS-BusinessWritingTips-PLAN 1_Upload 8/23

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Implementing Sustainability English pt 2

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WCI Fund Awardee Planning Meeting

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Dr. K's Entrepreneurial Insights with TomRicketts

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Dr. Edward Miech and Dr. Malaz Boustani

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Green Business Review

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C526 - Dr. K's insights; course introduction

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Climate Change - Is It Real?

The third talk in the Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series delivered by Maureen Sertich, North American Sustainability Lead for Whirlpool Corporation in Benton Harbor.

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FSC 1-4 Social Commerce Mindset

Module 1: Commerce & Social Value

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FSC 1-1 Social & Shareholder Value

Module 1: Commerce & Social Value

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CIBER Focus: "Developing Entrepreneurship in Myanmar" with Dr. Richard Seymour - Nov. 1, 2016

With Myanmar recently coming out of a period of almost "international hibernation", the country is currently experiencing an exciting period of global engagement amidst a rapidly changing…

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2016_10_19_T175-AbbyThomas-abbthoma (upload 10/19)

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Educational Data Science

LALink: Educational Data Science (Virtual) Demos Traditional universities are struggling to provide expanding skill sets to increasingly diverse student populations while containing the costs and…

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2016_10_14_T175-NicoleRyan-nikiryan (upload 10/17)

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