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QGIS 2 - Attribute Tables

This workshop highlights what attribute tables are, how to edit them, select specific data from attribute tables, and create new data sets of selected data. Presented by Jordan Blekking for…

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QGIS 3 - Data Joins

This workshop highlights how to join data from a spreadsheet to data in QGIS, and how to conduct a spatial join - joining data based on where two items (points, polygons, or lines) of geo-referenced…

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QGIS 4 - Publication Layouts

This workshop highlights how to create a publication-ready / publication-appropriate layout for maps produced in QGIS. Presented by Jordan Blekking for Cartoshop workshops, Fall 2021.

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QGIS 1 - Adding Data and Symbology

This workshop highlights how to create simple base maps, change the symbology of points (cities) and polygons (state boundaries), and open the attribute table of the different datasets. Presented by…

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Connecting Campus Units to NSSE Results

Connecting more people to the data they need encourages greater action on results. Join NSSE staff, Jillian and Jim, in this interactive webinar to discuss strategies for…

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