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Community Memories: Quince Años Traditions as Community History with Dr. Rachel González-Martin

Dr. González-Martin listens to the stories of mothers and daughters, of grandmothers and aunts, as narratives of community. She shares her thoughts and memories on the quinceañeras of…

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MAA-Podcast-001: Helen Keisel Remembers and Plays Accordion

A Concert and conversation with Helen Keisel, an Accordion player from Haubstadt, Indiana. From old-time fiddle tunes to German Polkas, Helen plays the music of her childhood. In this program she…

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MAA-Podcast-002: Harold Williams Makes Miniatures

Harold Williams Makes MiniaturesWheeling, IndianaHarold Williams makes miniatures of remembered places from his hometown of Wheeling in Gibson County, Indiana. When he was young, the small town…

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c101 Ch 2 V 4.1

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c101 Ch 1 V 1

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Mick Murray and Babar Khan

Scheduled recording

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James B. Leverenz, M.D.


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L21 Hdf5 IO Demo

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L16 Operating Systems (Seg. 5)

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L16 Operating Systems (Seg. 1)

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L11 Enabling Technology (Seg. 3)

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L5 Shared Memory-Parallelization (Seg. 5)

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L5 Shared Memory-Parallelization (Seg. 3)

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L5 Shared Memory-Parallelization (Seg. 1)

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L2 HPC Architecture 1 (Seg. 3)

Introduction to High Performance Computing Lecture 2 Segment 3

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Amazon Storage Gateway January 24 2017

The Amazon Storage Gateway enables hybrid storage between on-premises storage environments and the AWS Cloud. It combines a multi-protocol storage appliance with highly efficient network…

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C533_Recorded Session 3

C533 Recorded Session 3

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