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practicum 3-2 by Matt Shepherd

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practicum 2-1 by Marc Vanderhaeghen

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lecture 2-4 by Vanderhaeghen

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Practicum 3-2

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LHCb Physics

Seminar by T. Skwarnicki

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Scattering from lattice QCD part 2 by Raul

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Electromagnetic structure of hadrons by Marc

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Neutrino-induced Single Pion Production by Raoul Gonzalez-Jimenez

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Practicum 4-3 by Vincent Mathieu

Exercices: derivation of t-channel quantum numbers ; illustration of exchange degeneracy on total cross sections

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Practicum 4-2 by Vincent Mathieu

Presentation of Cesar's Mathematica on complex angular momentum

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Practicum 4-1 by Vincent Mathieu

Exercices: factorization of Regge poles ; derivation t-channel quantum numbers.

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Exploring charmonium with the BESIII experiment - Ryan Mitchell

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Regge fits and spin complications - by Jannes Nys and Astrid Hiller Blin

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Team 4-1 by Vincent Mathieu

Chapter 7: Theory of complex angular momenta

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The Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Center - A Biophysical Perspective

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Absorption of Organic Chromophores

This is an older edition from SP17 C481 that should probably be retired.

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Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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Review of Acid-Base Properties (CHEM-C 481 version)

Designed for physical biochemistry and biochemistry courses.

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