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Inaugural Ostrom Workshop Colloquium on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance

Optimal Investment in Cybersecurity (Alex Alexeev, Prof. Kerry Krutilla) Link to paper:

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03/25/2017 Russian Studies Workshop - The Political Economy Of Contemporary Autocracy

The persistence of autocratic regimes in the context of modern societies creates significant challenges for social science theory and empirical research. The panelists will address these challenges…

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02/10/2017 Tocquevlle Lecture - Stefan Kolev: “Ordoliberalism and the Austrian School: Two Potentially Complementary Varieties of German-Language Liberalism”

While in recent decades the scholarly interest in the history and in the further development of the Austrian School of Economics has steadily increased, the German tradition of ordoliberalism has…

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02/06/2017 Colloquium Series - Claudia Avellaneda: “Local Government Effectiveness: Assessing the Role of Administrative Capacity”

Organizational capacity is expected to contribute to a well-functioning government. However, the public management literature offers few objective measures of organizational capacity and scarce…

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11/14/2016 Colloquium Series - Leonard Wantchekon: “The Curse of Good Soil? Land Fertility, Roads, and Rural Poverty in Africa”

Using a global poverty map and standard soil productivity measures, we find that the poorest districts in Africa are more likely to have better (not worse) soil quality and that land fertility is…

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01/29/2016 - Tocqueville Lecture Series, Paul Dragos Aligica, “Institutional Diversity and Political Economy: The Ostroms and Beyond”

In his article “Virginia, Rochester, and Bloomington” (Public Choice, 1988), William C. Mitchell wrote: Aside from the family analogy, it seems that three schools of thought have…

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