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K200 - Navigate Canvas 3 - Summer 2021

This video continues demonstrating links and resources in Canvas.

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Video introduces view to Canvas links used during the class.

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Video demonstrates opening and using the Introduction to Podcasting textbook.

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Ms. Margaret Lion welcomes students to the summer session of K200 Microcomputer Applications in Kinesiology

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Baby Recognition Video for SPH Final

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K200 - OneDrive and K200 Folders-Fall 2020

Demonstrates creating folders in OneDrive in the IU system.

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K200 - Google Drive and K200 Folders-Fall 2020

Demonstrates creating folders in Google Drive.

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K200 - Cloud Storage at IU-Fall 2020

Demonstrates setting up cloud storage accounts at IU.

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K200-Setup IUanyWare-Fall 2020

Follow step-by-step instructions on setting up and using your IUanyWare account.

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Welcome to K200 Summer 2020

Ms. Lion's welcoming message to her online K200 students for Summer 2020. The picture in the background was taken inside the Simon Skjodt Stadium when the IU Women's Basketball team won the…

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K200 - Needed Skills

Demonstrates needed skills on a PC computer such as viewing folders, showing the Desktop, and parts of the task bar.

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K200 - Create K200 Folders on Computer - 2

Continues demonstrating creating folders and using Windows on a PC.

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K200 - Create K200 Folders On Desktop

Demonstrates creating folders on a Windows operating system Desktop.

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K200 - Zip Unzip Files and Folders

Demonstrates downloading and unzipping files; backing up folders to Box.

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K200 - Video-Navigate-Canvas-3

Demonstrates further navigation in Canvas in class.

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K200 - Video-Navigate-Canvas-2a-Textbook

Demonstrates finding and using eTexts textbook in Canvas.

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K200 - Video-Navigate-Canvas-1

Demonstrates navigating Canvas in class section.

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K200 - Setup IUanyWare

Demonstrates setting up and using IUanyWare.

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K200 - Screenshot, Save, Submit File for Grading

Demonstrates taking screenshots and finishing screenshot project.

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K200 - Navigate IUware

Demonstrates finding IUware and downloading Office 365.

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K200 - Navigate IU Computing Resources

Demonstrates locating IU computing resources.

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K200 - Cloudstorage and Box Setup

Demonstrates setting up Cloudstorage and Box account at IU.

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SPH LLC Hype Video

See what the School of Public Health-Bloomington Living Learning Center is all about.

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2019 Ryan White Distinguished Leadership Award Interview

Interview with Dr. William E. Cooke, the 2019 Ryan White Distinguished Leadership Award winner.

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This video demonstrates how to: Create create queries: selecting fields; using criteria.

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