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Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Overview

This video tutorial explores the various features Kaltura's Management Console or 'KMC' has to offer. The video will equip every KMC user with the skills and knowledge to make full use…

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Using the KSBMedia PPT Graphic Template

There are two ways to go about using our graphic templates for your presentations. The first is if you are designing your presentation from scratch. The second way to use our graphic templates is…

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Compass Lecture Week 7

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02: Intro to Script Writing for the Kelley Video Studio

When someone wants to create a video in the Studio, or really any type video, the first step is to prepare a script. Scripts are an essential part of video production, not only because a…

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Best Practices for On-Camera Wardrobe

Out of all the different elements that go into a production, choosing what to wear may seem like a easy task. While it is pretty simple, there are some key rules for when it comes to choosing the…

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Welcome to the Video Studio

We use the video studio to create videos for many different uses here in Kelley, whether it be a lesson module, class introduction, program announcement, or educational program. If you're…

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