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Sexuality and Aging: Dr. Melanie Davis

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Elmer Schlensker : The Broom Maker of Milltown

Elmer Schlensker (1930-2012) was a fourth generation broom maker from Milltown, Indiana. As a child he helped sew the brooms that his father made. However, Elmer had never made a complete broom,…

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MAA-Podcast-001: Helen Keisel Remembers and Plays Accordion

A Concert and conversation with Helen Keisel, an Accordion player from Haubstadt, Indiana. From old-time fiddle tunes to German Polkas, Helen plays the music of her childhood. In this program she…

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MAA-Podcast-002: Harold Williams Makes Miniatures

Harold Williams Makes MiniaturesWheeling, IndianaHarold Williams makes miniatures of remembered places from his hometown of Wheeling in Gibson County, Indiana. When he was young, the small town…

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Scheduled recording

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Adobe Spark Video

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Callahan 26Mar15 edit2

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Being There 3

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Mental Health in the Elderly

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Elderly Advocacy Group

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Written on the Wind climax

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Web Accessibility Basics

This brief video provides an introduction to web accessibility at Indiana University.

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10/31/16 Colloquium Series - Phil Stafford: “The Global Movement for Age-Friendly Communities”

This working paper will appear as a chapter in the fourth edition of the Cultural Context of Aging, Jay Sokolovsky, ed. Stafford provides an overview of the growing age-friendly community movement…

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Bobby Darin Singing Mack the Knife

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