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The Arrival

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Effectively Answering Questions

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End the Interview Strongly

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Promotion: Marmite - Maxed Messages

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P371 Video Manufacturing Product-Process Matrix (editted)

The Product-Process Matrix. Examples: BP, Honda, Caterpillar, Tool & Die

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Dr. Jerome Horn

Module 1 - Lecture

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P200 P371 Starbucks (Supply Chain)

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P200 P371 Food Machine (Pizza Delivery)

PBS Series: "America Revealed"

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P200 P371 ASU Introduction to SCM

Supply Chain Management Introduction

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LOM Presentation Final

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Z445 Emotional IQ

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Z340 Work Comp Scam

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Z340 post exam

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Z340 Obamacare 2

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Z340 Disability

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Z340 David Casey - Diversity and Workplace Culture

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Z340 Rice CC

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Z200 In Search of Excellence

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Padgett Lawsuits

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Padgett Appraisals

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Padgett Harassment (modified)

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Z340 Faux Sick Day

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Adaptation (Introduction)

If rightness of fit is the gold standard for constructing a good speech, the method by which you find the right fit is called adaptation.

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Pandering and Demagoguing

We use Aristotle's definition of virtue to explain the opposite extremes of adaptation — demagoguing and pandering.

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How do we deal with the fact that we all come from different positions with passionate investment? How do we adapt to each other when there are irreconcilable differences? This is the challenge of…

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