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BioEthics_20170601.mp4 - Clipped by Gary Brackett

Scheduled recording

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Screen Capture - 2017 May 06 10:52:06

Databook Introduction

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2017.03.30.1430 - Removing metadata from Word file

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FACET Learning How to Learn Take 1

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Critical Approaches

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Quick Check Overview

Learn more about Quick Check in this IU Knowledge Base article or in the more detailed Quick Check documentation. Transcript: Quick Check is a tool for creating inline assessments in Canvas,…

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Visualizing Molecules with FirstGlance

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Searching CGP

Searching guide to the U.S. Catalog of Government Publications.

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Division Minilessons p3

Young Mathematicians at Work. Division Minilessons Part 3

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Re-Vision W131 minilecture

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2017.01.12.1200 - ILJ Sourcing Training

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ENGL132 Introduction and Overview

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Day 1 - Web of Science as a Research Dataset

This workshop brings together data scientists and data stewards from research centers that are using the Web of Science™ at scale. We will explore WoS from the perspective of a research dataset…

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Nurse as First Author

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