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10/18/17 Research Series - Manny Teodoro: “Privatization as Political Decoupling: Water Conservation and the 2014–2017 California Drought”

Over the past three decades, decoupling has emerged as a regulatory strategy for promoting conservation, especially in the energy sector. Decoupling refers to the separation of a…

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03/06/2017 Colloquium Series - John Ferejohn: “California’s Groundwater: A Political Economy”

It is widely believed that water is badly misallocated in California because it is mispriced, resulting in too much agricultural use. At the same time, however, California’s groundwater…

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12/5/16 Colloquium Series - Charles Kolstad: “Regulating Carbon in a Small Open Economy”

California has embarked on a bold experiment in trying to reduce carbon emissions without causing undue harm to the state’s economy. The goal is made more difficult by the…

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Zoe Shir - Invitational Speech

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Deshon Blakely

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CIBER Focus: "IU CIBER Sustainability Development Symposium 2016: Alternative Energy Opportunities" with Dr. Azzam Alwash - April 8, 2016

Indiana University Center for International Business Education and Research (IU CIBER) hosted its first "Symposium on Sustainability Development" in April 2016 under the theme of…

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