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C125 Experiment 9 Calorimetry

IU Southeast CHEM C125 Laboratory: Experiment 9 Calorimetry Coffee cup calorimeter constant determination. Heat of solution with salt dissolving in water.

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C125 Exp 8 Graham's Law

CHEM C125 Laboratory 8: Graham's Law

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C125 Experiment 7

CHEM C125 Experiment 7 Precipitation reactions Acid/Base Reactions Conductivity Oxidation/Reduction

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C125 Experiment 5 Part 3

Chemistry Laboratory CHEM C125 Experiment 5 Part 3

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CHEM C125 Exp5 CaCl2

CHEM C125 Experiment 5: Hydrates Calcium chloride (anhydrous) No narration.

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CHEM C125 Exp 5 CuSO45H2O

CHEM C125 Laboratory Experiment 5: Hydrates Part 2: dehydration of copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate This video is without narration. It does have audio of the atmospheric sounds associated with this…

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CHEM C125 Experiment 3 Part A & B

CHEM C125 Laboratory 3 Identification of a Substance Part A and B Solubility of various substances and an unknown.

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Titrating with a Buret

Demonstration of a titration using a buret, Erlenmeyer flask, and phenolphthalein indicator.

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Chem C125 Experiment 2 Part A

CHEM C125 Experiment 2 Part A Volume and mass measurements of a regular solid cylinder (samples C and D). Mass and volume measurements of an irregular solid (sample A)

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CHEM C125 Experiment 1

IU Southeast Chemistry Lab C125 Experiment 1: Mass and Volume Relationships

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Top Loader Balance

How to operate a top-loader balance in the chemistry laboratory.

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IUS Chemistry Lab Tour

Video tour of IU Southeast Chemistry Laboratory.

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Lighting A Bunsen Burner

How to light a Bunsen Burner.

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Chapter 3 - TCE movie - Shapes of Molecules - Balloons

A "topics-concepts-examples" movie that uses balloons to show how we use VSEPR Theory as a way to determine the shapes and bond angles of simple molecules.

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C101 Day 1 - Chemical Reactions

Short clips of chemical demonstrations used on the first day of class to show students the kinds of things we will learn about during the term.

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A Very Berry Litmus Test

No need for expensive or fancy litmus paper. This video teaches you how to make your own litmus paper to test the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. You'll even do a little testing on…

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Chemistry 101- Separating Mixtures!

With the activity in this video we will learn about an important process scientists use to help them separate the magic happen right before your eyes! This is an activity suitable…

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From Amino Acids to the Primary Structure - No Peptide Bonds

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An Introduction to Entropy - A Conceptual Take

For use in CHEM-C 106 and CHEM-T 580

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C101 Ch 6 V 1.mp4

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C101 Ch 5 V 2.mp4

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C101 Ch 5 V 7

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C101 Ch 5 V 5

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C101 Ch 5 V 1

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C101 Ch 5 V 6 Part 1

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