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Creating a Flexible Foreign Language Classroom

CLE Workshop April 22, 2021 Presenter: Mariam Manzur Leiva

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Global Learning: A Vehicle for Proficiency-Driven Student Engagement

CLE Workshop April 14, 2021 Presenter: Vesna Dimitrieska

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Reach out to lead cultural and social justice activities with global communities in Bloomington and in Indiana

CLE Workshop April 7, 2021

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Google Slides for Beginners

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Fall Orientation session: CAPS Training

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Presenter: Luciana Guardini, LCSW, CAPS IN this webinar, you will learn about CAPS services, adjusting to graduate school, signs of…

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Racial Expectations in the Classroom and Cruelty of "Caring"

CLE Workshop: March 5, 2020

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Project Based Language Learning with Wikipedia

CLE Workshop: February 13, 2020

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Community Involvement in the Language Classroom

CLE Workshop: January 23, 2020

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Emergency Online Teaching- Sharing Experiences-2020-04-Holdeman

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Moving Online

By Karolina Serafin, Senior Lecturer, French and Italian, Director of Language Instruction for Italian, Indiana University

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CLE Workshop November 27 2018.mp4

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CLE workshop November 15 2018.mp4

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11-29-17: Assessment in the FL Classroom –Sun-Young Shin, Senyung Lee, and Juliane Wuensch

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wix workshop 2017

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11-06-17: Accommodating Disabilities in the FL Classroom –Susan Hathaway

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Accommodating Students with Disabilities Video

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CLE Workshop dec 13 2017

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March 22 CLE Workshop

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