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Verifying the Copyright of a Text

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How-To-Check for Copyright Renewal

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4-Your Intellectual Property

Transcript: Once scholars have entered the information ecosystem, they will want to publish and present their ideas to others. As a result, they must decide what to do with their intellectual…

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LIS S451 Introduction

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BioEthics_20170601.mp4 - Clipped by Gary Brackett

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Plagiarism Tutorial from the Ruth Lilly Medical Library

This tutorial defines plagiarism, discusses the implications of being caught plagiarizing, and provides tips and trick to prevent plagiarizing information. There are several resources discussed…

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Licensing workshop ft. speaker Andy Harner

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SEM 2013-Friday, November 15-PM Sessions

1:45 – 3:45 pm“Music and Public Policy: The Political Economy of Musical Labor” Special Session Organized by the SEM BoardChair: Anne K. Rasmussen, The College of William and…

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R795 Week 01: Course Introduction

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Creating and Inserting Padlet

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Syllabus Overview 1

Syllabus Overview for P507 Spring 2017

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W200 01-2 Course Learning Objectives

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X100 01-2 Course Learning Objectives

Lecture 1: Introduction

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Kevin Behan - Invitational Speech

Recording for 2nd class

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4. Working with Patent Lawyers (1)

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6. Foreign Patent Practice

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5. Working with Patent Lawyers (2)

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8. Patent Litigation (2)

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9. Patent Litigation (3)

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7. Patent Litigation (1)

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2. Statutory Bar

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1. Inventorship

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2016.09.08.1315 - Marketa Trimble .mp4

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CIBER Focus: "IU Intellectual Property Clinic: Offering Legal Pro Bono Services for Entrepreneurs" with Professor Norman Hedges - May 3, 2016

For businesses and organizations alike, protecting ideas and intellectual property are crucial--especially for small-to-medium-sized enterprises and institutions. In order to assist and empower those…

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