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_Working with Multiple Google Accounts

Have you ever clicked on a link from a colleague only to find that you don't have access to the file that was shared with you? In this video, we show you how to see which of your Google accounts…

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_Using Google Jamboard

In this video, we demonstrate how to use Google Jamboard and suggest some ways you might use it for teaching and learning. For a printable version of this information, click on the Attachments tab.

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Managing Permissions for Google Storage Owners

In the institutional storage environments at IU, making sure your data is available to the people who need it and unavailable to those who don't is an important part of owning storage space.…

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_Google Assignments

In this video, we demonstrate how to use Google Assignments in Canvas. Google Assignments is an external tool that you can use (almost) seamlessly in Canvas to distribute, collect, grade, and return…

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Google Slides for Beginners

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Getting started with institutional storage: Google Shared drives

Institutional files are moving from Box to the Google and Microsoft environments. This webinar will cover how to find your files in Google Shared drives using a web browser and through Google Drive…

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Two Tip Tuesday 20 - Google Meet as Zoom Back-up

On the first day of the Fall 2020 semester, we experienced serious Zoom frustrations.And that was a good reminder that we should be prepared with back-up videoconferencing options in case of…

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Google at IU My Drive: Individual File Management Basics

Ready to unpack after the big move? Where are your boxes and how can you see what's in them? Plus share the contents? Watch this video after your individual files have been moved to your My…

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Planning and Tracking a Digital Campaign Presentation, Jun 15, 2020

How to use IU Studio's Campaign Tracking Tool for tracking your digital marketing campaigns.

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Online Whiteboarding for Collaboration

Are you looking for a way for students to collaborate on problems with you or with each other? This webinar discusses Google Jamboard, a powerful digital whiteboarding tool that automatically saves…

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_Using Collaborations

In this episode, Raj demonstrates how to use Canvas Collaborations to simplify using Google in your Canvas course. See Attachments for a downloadable jobaid.

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09/03 T375 Meeting

T375 Week 2 Meeting

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Creating a Padlet Wall

This video is a quick tutorial on how to create a Padlet wall at

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Google at IU: An Overview

In this webinar, we provide an overview and demonstration of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), available through Google at IU. We cover apps like Google Docs, Google Calendar, YouTube, and others. WE…

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LJETTPAC_00A_Jettpace 231 Online Orientation

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Sec Reg Topic E Part 2: Public Sales of Securities I: Waiting Period: Part 2

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Google, Wikipedia, and Accessing Full Text

After reviewing this video, you should be able to: determine the best times to use Wikipedia and Google, and successfully access full text articles via Google Scholar.

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Google Groupspaces

If you need a collaborative space for your group or project, consider a Google@IU groupspace. Google@IU groupspace is a collaborative online environment that combines a Google site with a Google…

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pBL workshop 2

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Connecting to an IU Webinar using Google Chrome and Pexip

Setup and Testing for the Upcoming Webinar Equipment needed - Google Chrome, Camera, Microphone (Headset), Speakers (Headset) 1. Open Google Chrome and go to 2. …

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Lecture 05 - Part 3

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R795 Week 01: Course Introduction

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Scheduled recording

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