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Blood Glucose Monitoring

Animated and narrated for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Course 7 by Principal Graphic Designer for eDS, Adam Wolf.

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Dr. Tamara Hannon - Pediatric Endocrinology - Diabetes, Nutrition

IU Profile:

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Pandemic appointment delays

Adrienne Ng, MD, looks at the visual acuity impact on patients receiving Anti-VEGF treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema when they missed or rescheduled appointments due to the pandemic associated…

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Using OCT angiography as a biomarker of retinopathy severity in patients with diabetes

Melanie Scheive talks about using OCT angiography as a biomarker of retinopathy severity in patients with diabetes.

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Effects of irrgular shifts on incidence of Type II diabetes among healthcare workers

Varun Rameswara discusses the effects of working irregular shifts on the incidence of Type II diabetes among healthcare workers.

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Glaucoma and Diabetes: A Sweet Connection

Chevy Singh talks about glaucoma and diabetes.

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Dapagliflozin in the treatment of diametic retinopathy

Jenny Luo talks about the use of dapagliflozin in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

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CIBER Focus: "Creating Shared Value: The Lilly Model of Corporate Responsibility" with Rob Smith - July 3, 2017

Robert Smith is Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility at Eli Lilly and Company and President of the Lilly Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of those lacking the resources to…

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2017_5_26_CIBERfocus-RobertSmith upload 6/19

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Kelly_Freeman_20170427.mp4 - Clipped by Tammy Leone

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P102 - Module 6

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Dr. Michael Weiner

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Imaging Conference_2/1/2017

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CIBER Focus: "The Cuban Health Care System" with Dr. Marcelino Feal - Dec. 12, 2016

The Cuban public health care system is often considered a model of excellence and efficiency, and students from all over the world compete to study in their schools of medicine. In this edition of…

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Ephraim Steigerwald - Personal Brand Pitch

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