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P105 Civil War Philanthropy

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IUSM WL - FCP - 170828 - Keller

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Amber Messick_Introduction Elevator Speech

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Module 1 Lecture Recording Fall 2017

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IUSM WL - FCP1 - Course Intro - 170821 - Keller

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Kelley Tour

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SBS Faculty Candidate Dr Mark Stoutenberg 2017-08-09

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Peds_GrRds_8/9/2017: “Becoming a Member of the Club: Medical Training and the Professionalization of Doctors” Hilary M. Haftel, MD, MHPE

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J. Session 3. Stacey & Micah- Strengths and Concerns Section

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Peds Grand Round 6/14/2017: "Hateful Patient": A 40th Anniversary Visit. Are patients still "hateful" 4 decades after the landmark NEJM article? Richard Gunderman, MD PhD

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IUSCC_Grand_Rounds, June 2017 - Sanjeev Arora, MD

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes

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2017-05-30 Tizian Zumthurn

Medical Practice at Albert Schweitzer’s Hospital in Lambarene (Gabon) 1913-1965: An Early Model of Global Health

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Team Building: Partnerships Across Doctors, Schools, and Providers

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Peds_GrRds 4/19/2017: "CHICA Updates" Stephen M. Downs, MD, MS

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IUSCC_Grand_Rounds, February 10, 2017, Charles Blanke, MD

"18 Years of Physician-Aided Dying in Oregon"

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03/27/2017 Colloquium Series - Melani Cammett: “Political Context, Organizational Mission, and the Quality of Social Services: Insights from the Health Sector in Lebanon”

In some developing countries, non-state actors have effectively replaced or overshadow the state as providers of social welfare. In this paper, we explore whether religious or other…

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