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Transitions in Early Childhood and Beyond

Dr. Katie Herron talks about transitions with Betty Lou Rowe, an educational consultant for the Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA) and Indiana School Mental Health Initiative (ISMHI) at the…

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August Insights and Innovations: The American Community Survey (ACS) and Data on Disability

This session, presented by Lewis E. Kraus, MPH, MCP, Co-Director of the Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute, will provide an overview of the disability measures in the American…

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Mathematics Disorders: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention

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HANDS Training for INSOURCE Volunteers_2

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HANDS Training for IN-SOURCE Volunteers

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Setting Up for Success in the Healthcare Setting: Patients with ASD and Other Special Needs

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ASD & DSM 5_ Making Sense of Changes

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Webinar Series for Medical Professionals_ Autism 101

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Britton Pilcher Personal Brand Speech

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PhD Research Study_ELISD2Norman_InterviewTranscribed

Norman, Deaf, ELIS, New Jersey, New York area.

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Richelle Hanes - Invitational Speech

Recording for 2nd class

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2015-2016 CIBER Focus Year In Review

Our year in review provides snippets of all 37 CIBER Focus videos filmed during the 2015-2016 academic year. It's a great way to get a glimpse of what the interview series offers and prioritize…

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CIBER Focus: "Part Two of Workplace Diversity: Serving Employees with Disabilities" with Frank Epperson - March 29, 2016

In this talk, we continue our discourse about raising proper awareness about people and employees with disabilities in workplaces. IU ADA Employment Consultant Frank Epperson shares his personal…

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CIBER Focus: "Part One of Workplace Diversity: Embracing People with Disabilities" with Professor Jamie Prenkert - March 24, 2016

While many recognize March as a special commemorative month for women's history and rights, few are aware that it is also National Disability Awareness Month. Diversity in the workplace…

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