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"The Woodland Pond" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Many woodland ponds are temporary bodies of water referred to as vernal or ephemeral ponds that when filled with water are inhabited by distinctive organisms. They typically lack fish, which…

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"Diversity is Essential" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Genetic diversity is essential for evolutionary adaptation. Diversity is also essential for individuals to communicate through visual, auditory and/or olfactory signals. In this presentation, I…

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"It Starts with the Sun" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor, Dr. Roger Hangarter uses his stunning nature photographs to show how our own resilience is intertwined with biodiversity. …

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G107 Week 6 Overview

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G107 Week 6 Overview~1

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Green Business Review

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Personal Brand Pitch Video

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How to Embed a Padlet Wall in Canvas

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CIBER Symposium on Sustainable Development: "Introduction: What is Sustainable Development?"

On April 8, the first Symposium on Sustainable Development was held. For 2016, the theme was "Energy & Sustainable Development." The day started with an introduction from Indiana…

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