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ENG443/543 Computational Bioengineering Virtual Tissues Lecture 1: Introduction to Virtual Tissues and CompuCell3D

Why do we need to build quantitative mechanistic models of biological systems? What are virtual tissues? Sample simulations: vascular tumors, polycystic kidney disease, liver toxicity, age-related…

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"Keys to Resilience," with Dr. Roger Hangarter

As anyone who follows the real news about the current state of nature, it is in a precarious state. Since humans are part of nature, the future of humanity is also precarious. For many years now,…

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"The Woodland Pond" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Many woodland ponds are temporary bodies of water referred to as vernal or ephemeral ponds that when filled with water are inhabited by distinctive organisms. They typically lack fish, which…

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"Diversity is Essential" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Genetic diversity is essential for evolutionary adaptation. Diversity is also essential for individuals to communicate through visual, auditory and/or olfactory signals. In this presentation, I…

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"It Starts with the Sun" - Dr. Roger Hangarter (IU Biology)

Distinguished Professor and Chancellor’s Professor, Dr. Roger Hangarter uses his stunning nature photographs to show how our own resilience is intertwined with biodiversity. …

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VPCFO Lunch & Learn: Magical Cicadas! 5/11/21

Dr. Armin Moczek from IU Biology gives us the lowdown on these buzzing bugs. Read more about Armin's research on his faculty page:

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The RIse of the Bad Bugs

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IUSM WL - HS - 170828 - Walker

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IUSM WL - MCT - Genomic function 2 - 170829 - Fai

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IUSM WL - HS Histology of Connective Tissue 1 - 170822 - Turek

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IUSM WL - HS - 170821 - Walker

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IUSM WL - HS - Histology of Muscle - 170824 - Turek

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Rededication of Owen and Jordan Hall

Indiana University officials have rededicated two important building on the school's Bloomington campus. Owen Hall, located on the historic "crescent," has become the new home of the…

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Axial Skeleton 7

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Axial Skeleton 6

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Peds_GrRds 7/12/2017: "Microbial Influence on Early Wheeze and Asthma" Kirsten M. Kloepfer, MD, MS

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Peds_GrRds 6/28/2017: "Translating New Discoveries into Practice in Childhood Respiratory Disease" Benjamin Gaston, MD

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Plastic Surgery Lecture

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Peds_GrRds 6/7/2017: "Changing the Natural History of Pediatric IBD: The role of risk prognostication and early biologic therapy" Jeffrey S. Hyams, MD

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Anthony J. Baucum II, Ph.D.

Thursday, March 30th @ 12 Noon in NB-101: Anthony J. Baucum II, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, IUSM Title: “Spinophilin signaling in Parkinson disease, drug abuse, and obesity: A…

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Kelly Cosgrove, Ph.,D. - Clipped by Sarah Dolan

Thursday, May 11th @ Noon in NB 101: Kelly Cosgrove, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Neurosciences, Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Yale…

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