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Global Perspectives Series: Augustin K. Fosu 11-7-2013

Professor Augustin K. Fosu, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, presented "Developing African Economies: The Past, Present, and Future" the…

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02/22/2017 Ostrom Lecture on Environmental Policy - Terry Anderson: Who Owns the Environment? Lessons from the Legacy of Elinor Ostrom

We typically treat the environment as a commons to be managed by regulations from Washington. As Elinor Ostrom taught us, however, “managing the commons” may be more eff ective at the…

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02/10/2017 Tocquevlle Lecture - Stefan Kolev: “Ordoliberalism and the Austrian School: Two Potentially Complementary Varieties of German-Language Liberalism”

While in recent decades the scholarly interest in the history and in the further development of the Austrian School of Economics has steadily increased, the German tradition of ordoliberalism has…

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