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The Arrival

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Effectively Answering Questions

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End the Interview Strongly

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Employee Out of Pocket Reimbursement

Recorded April 20, 2021 This training video dives into allowability and timing related to employee out of pocket reimbursements. PowerPoint slides for this training are available in the…

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Employee and Student Reimbursement in Chrome River

This video demonstrates how to enter an out of pocket reimbursement for an employee or student in Chrome River, IU's expense management system. For more information on proper critical data…

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International Student Success - "Career Fair Recap: What Now?" w/ Kelley Alumna Hyemin Kim

Listen to Kelley alumna Hyemin Kim (Implementation Manager at Kyriba) share her advice on what to do AFTER you've attended career fairs to increase your chances of getting jobs/internships in…

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International Student Success - "How to Prep for Career Fairs" w/ Kelley Alumna Hyemin Kim

Kelley alumna Hyemin Kim (Implementation Manager at Kyriba) talks about her experiences as both an international student and a recruiter.

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Core 1-Leading_Organizations_Week4Video2

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CGSL Website Videos - "History of the CGSL" 6/7/17

2017_06_07_History of CGSL upload 9/6 (Dick Canada)

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International Student Success - Kelley Alumnus Lawrence Nah

Watch this video and hear international Kelley alumnus Lawrence Nah share his advice and tips on successful job/internship search in the U.S.

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09/03 T375 Meeting

T375 Week 2 Meeting

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M07V06 Stages Of Conflict

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M04V02-Content Theories

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Health Disparities Webinar August 30, 2017

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M03V03 Perceptions shape attitudes

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Focus Group #2 (5_8_15) - Helping Kids with Autism

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dwoodhou MP4s_C522 Woodhouse_C522 Woodhouse Module 9 Overview

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American Dream

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Dedication of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center

Hodge Hall was dedicated in the Subhedar Forum, on the first floor of the adjacent William J. Godfrey Graduate and Executive Education Center.Planning for the project began in 2005, and construction…

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Great Conversations - Introduction

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M01V02 What is job performance?

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555 Planned Agency Activities Behaviors 11-22

Review of Planned Agency Activities Behaviors 11-22 from EPAS 2015 & short review of DRAFT to Learning Plan process.

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Introduction to the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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Video 3 - Maintaining Appropriate Professional and Academic Boundaries

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