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Combating Energy Crisis with Solar Fuels

3 Minute Thesis Competition Talk by Kaustav Chatterjee, Department of Chemistry.

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Bio-waste and Renewable Energy: Peter Schubert and Moi University partners

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Ocean Motion

In this video you will learn how to build your own science model to show how waves work and understand how they use energy. Come sail away! Thank you for taking the time to watch this video!

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A Sweet Surprise!

In this video you have a chance to do two experiments to learn about how our body changes some food into sugar it needs for energy and how another small living organism also relies on changing sugar…

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"Pop Top" Magic!

A fun, easy experiment that demonstrates the concepts of heat transfer, particle motion, conduction, and thermal energy!

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An Introduction to Entropy - A Conceptual Take

For use in CHEM-C 106 and CHEM-T 580

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DOE Internships: Opportunities and the Application Process

TOPIC Join the discussion! - Learn how Department of Energy government programs can support students in graduate school, as well as, get insight on how to…

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10/16/17 Colloquium - David Victor: “An Experimentalist Approach to Governing Global Climate Change”

One of the central difficulties in managing global commons problems is that the relevant actors often do not know which actions to take nor the cost and impact of changing behavior. This problem of…

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C101 Ch 5 V 1

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What do those numbers mean anyway?

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(Lecture) Ch. 5-6: Strong interactions at high energies: theory -- Misha

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practicum 3-2 by Matt Shepherd

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lecture 2-4 by Vanderhaeghen

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Hadron-nucleus interactions at very high energies: black disk limit by Vadim

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Practicum 3-2

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Practicum 3-1

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LHCb Physics

Seminar by T. Skwarnicki

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Scattering from lattice QCD part 2 by Raul

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Scattering from lattice QCD part 1 by Raul

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C101 Ch 4 V 3.mp4

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L4 NAS Parallel Demo

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c101 Ch 4 V 2

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C101 Ch 4 V 1

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Kirchhoff's Law - Example

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Team 4-1: Dalitz Plots - Mikhail Mikhasenko

Introduction to Dalitz plots

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