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Pilot study: Does axial length influence success of dCPC?

Emily Ross, MD, discusses a study that looked at whether axial length influenced the success of diode photocoagulation.

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Prophylactic antibiotic use and incidence of endophthalmitis following open globe injury

Michael Gemayel, MD, talks about the use of prophylactic antibiotics and the incidence of endophthalmitis after open globe injuries.

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Photo by VICTOR REGA from Pexels

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Student discussions - Wednesday, June 21

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Axial Skeleton 6

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Kristi Monroy

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Wesley Smith Ph.D.

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Peds_GrRds 2/8/2017: "Pediatric Ophthalmology: Basic Concepts & things NOT to Miss" David A. Plager, MD

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Imaging Conference_2/1/2017

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Tips for Designing with Accessibility and UDL in Mind

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C533_Recorded Session 3

C533 Recorded Session 3

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