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Cheer Camp of the Damned, Part 3

Eli and Mayghin Levine finish their discussion about their game Cheer Camp of the Damned. They also discuss rules and making sure players have fun. Note: Margaret Lion is "interviewing"…

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Cheer Camp of the Damned, Part 2

Eli and Mayghin Levine continue their discussion of their game Cheer Camp of the Damned, complete with pictures. Note: Margaret Lion is "interviewing" Eli and Mayghin. However, the sound…

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Cheer Camp of the Damned, Introduction & Part 1

Eli and Mayghin Levine, LARPers and owners of Elder Entertainment, discuss one of their favorite LARPs: Cheer Camp of the Damned. This video shares how, when, and why this LARP was created. Note:…

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CIBER Focus: "Representation in the Video Game Industry" with Dr. Kishonna Gray - December 7, 2018

Dr. Kishonna Gray is Assistant Professor of Communication, and Gender and Women’s Studies, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is also a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein…

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General Mills Team 2 - FINAL Clipped by Diania Maisonneuve

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Justin K Ferguson (jukeferg) Personal Brand Pitch

A story of when I expressed my three qualities of openness, adaptability, and creativity.

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Adam Stevens - Invitational Speech

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