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Beginning the Conversation: Mass Shootings - 09.07.22

The rise of mass shootings has caused great concern across the country. Although a complicated reality we must face, it is crucial that we do not shrink back from the topic, but find ways to address…

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What if My Kid Doesn't Like School? 08.30.22

Dr. Beth Trammell and Angela Reese discuss the difference between kids who had a bad day at school, decide they hate school, and don't want to go back and those who are experiencing true school…

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How to Get Your Kids Back on Track After A Rough Start to the School Year - 08.25.2022

Dr. Beth Trammel provides simple tips for helping your kid(s) bounce back from a rough and rocky start to the school year. It is not always important how you start, but how you finish.

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How to Help Your Kids Have a Successful School Year - 08.17.22

Dr. Beth Trammel shares with parents strategies that promote having a successful school year for their children. Listeners will also learn about additional IU resources and benefits that are…

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The Work + Life Water Cooler Chat (Podcast 03.11.2021)

In recognition of Sleep Awareness Week, we continue to discuss the importance of sleep and share resources that promote good sleep hygiene and fitness. Today, we share employee benefits that are…

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The Work + Life Water Cooler Chat (Podcast 03.04.2021)

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle, along with nutrition and exercise. Healthy IU's Registered Dietician, Steven…

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How to Connect, Not Just Converse, With Others

Successful conversation is the starting point of all relationships. Although by calling conversation “small talk,” we actually perpetuate the notion that it is trivial and unimportant.…

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