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Beginning the Conversation: Mass Shootings - 09.07.22

The rise of mass shootings has caused great concern across the country. Although a complicated reality we must face, it is crucial that we do not shrink back from the topic, but find ways to address…

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What is coping?

In this video, learn what coping is and bust some myths about coping in general.

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The Work + Life Water Cooler Chat (Podcast 03.09.21)

"Break it Down, Dr. Beth" In part 2, Dr. Beth Trammell, Associate Professor of Psychology, Indiana University-East discuss the impact of a good night's sleep on our mental health. She…

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You Deserve a Mocktail (Stress Busters Week fall 2020)

Danielle and Ryan make easy to create mocktails to help you de-stress without using substances.

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Stress Busters Week Mocktails

Ryan and Danielle demonstrate how to make six different mocktails and talk about programs and services Health and Wellness Promotion provides.

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Social Position and Health

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P155 Staff Meeting, Aug. 23, 2017, part 2

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M. Session 3. Stacey & Micah- Life Events Section

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N. Session 3. Cyndi- Life Events Section

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R. Session 5. Shamika- Improving Outcomes by Engaging Families

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Transitions: From Undergrad Confidence to Professional School Success

East Carolina University and Indiana University School of Dentistry discuss undergrad confidence and professional school success.

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Scheduled recording

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EMSIG 4th Year Prep Series--Part 2: ERAS (Electronic Residency Application) - Clipped by Mark Liao

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EMSIG 4th Year Prep Series--Part 2: ERAS (Electronic Residency Application)

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2017 Commemcement Speaker

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group H

SPH-B403 Intervention Proposal Video

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SPH-B 403: Xanax Abuse Among College Males Intervention Proposal

Brothers Against Xanax Abuse has created an intervention proposal geared towards college males at Indiana University, regarding the abuse of Xanax.

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SPH-B 403 Xanax Abuse Amongst College Males

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Jonathon Godbout, Ph.D.

Thursday, April 20th @ 12 Noon in R3-C203: Jonathon Godbout, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research,…

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Meet Kelley Women: Katharine Finn

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2017_4_4_YWI-Thailand-Katharine Finn

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Connections Presentation & Discussion: MSE Leadership 03_29_2017


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Dual player test of Echo files

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