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Patten Lecture: Nancy Folbre: "Monsters of the Economic: Inequality, Fear, and Loathing in America"

"Monsters of the Economic: Inequality, Fear, and Loathing in America"Nancy Folbre is Professor Emerita of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the new Director of the…

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It’s Not So Black and White: Talking Race, From Ferguson to Bloomington

A panel at Indiana University Bloomington featuring widely known historian and writer William Jelani Cobb will discuss issues involving race, discrimination and the series of 2014 police shootings…

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Linear Programming, 5.6

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B111 M123 College Algebra, Linear Inequality Applications, 1.7

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Data Science Meetup August 2017

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M123 Section 5.6 Linear Programming

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Sociology as Science

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Scheduled recording

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Linear Programming: Word Problem, Application

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Linear Programming: Introduction

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Simplex Method, Minimization, Part b, Standard Minimization

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Simplex Method, Maximization, Part a

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Method of Corners, Part b, Infinite Solutions

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