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C125 Experiment 5 Part 3

Chemistry Laboratory CHEM C125 Experiment 5 Part 3

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CHEM C125 Exp5 CaCl2

CHEM C125 Experiment 5: Hydrates Calcium chloride (anhydrous) No narration.

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Titrating with a Buret

Demonstration of a titration using a buret, Erlenmeyer flask, and phenolphthalein indicator.

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IUS Commencement Ceremony 2021

Commencement at Indiana University has always been a celebration of student achievement. It represents both years of hard work and a future of great potential as IU graduates prepare to embark on…

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IUSE Chancellor Ray Wallace Installation Ceremony

New Indiana University Southeast Chancellor Ray Wallace has been on the job since July 1, but he got a traditional welcome on December 5th, in the form of the school's traditional installation…

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