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Weebly 12 - Extra-Sims Theme Points

Demonstrates editing points in the Sims theme including: Moving through the site in the Weebly editor; Adding image to each page; and Resizing sections.

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Weebly 11 - Extra-Resize Sections

Demonstrates how to resize sections in Weebly.

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Weebly 10 - Blog

Demonstrates creating and scheduling blog posts in Weebly.

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Weebly 9 - Copy Element

Demonstrates copying a text element from one page in Weebly to another.

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Weebly 8 - Format and Upload

Demonstrates instructions for Format page and uploading a file in Weebly.

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Weebly 7 - Images

Demonstrates how to add images into a Weebly page.

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Weebly 6-Links

Demonstrates how to make links in Weebly.

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Weebly 5 -Text and Publish

Demonstrates how to edit and add text and publish a Website in Weebly.

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Weebly 4 - Sims Theme Set-Up

Demonstrates moving through the Sims theme and the pages set-up.

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Weebly 3 - Pages Smith

Demonstrates working in the Pages environment in the Smith theme in Weebly.

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Weebly 2 - Theme and Site Name

Demonstrates choosing a theme and creating a site name.

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Weebly 1 - Go to Weebly

Demonstrates first steps in getting to, the CMS used in K200.

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K200 - Week 4 - Word In Class Saver 1

This video covers: Opening Word; Finding Ribbons; Saving Word document; Show/Hide; Word styles; insert images; image styles; Wrap text; Insert table; table styles; editing table

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K200 - Podcasting - Audacity - Fades & Final Cut

Video demonstrates: How to do all the fade-ins and fade-outs for the podcasting weekly project. Watch entire video for help in making all of these. ALSO: Final music cut is demonstrated.

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K200 - Podcasting - Audacity - Download-Edit-Save-Upload

Video demonstrates: Download, edit, save, and upload process for podcasting files. NOTE: Recorder went off at beginning so no seeing instructor's face.

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K200 - MP #4 - Slider Footer & Slide Transition

Video will demonstrate: Inserting slide footer with name, date, and slide number; Add slide transition to all slides

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K200 – In The Game – ICS 3

Video Demonstrates: Opening PowerPoint; Saving presentation; Insert table; Insert chart; Insert SmartArt; Themes.

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K200 – My Life In K200 – ICS 2

Video Demonstrates: Opening PowerPoint; Creating new presentation; Saving presentation; Slide layouts; Lists; Themes

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K200 - MP #3 - Part 2 - Review

Video will demonstrate: Make a Form; Change Theme; Make a Report; Make Publishing Date query

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K200 - MP #3 - Part 3

Video demonstrates: Download instructions; Design database from queries; Open Access; Name Project; Create table; Make a Form; Change Theme; Make a Report; Make First Item Owned query

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K200 - Excel - In Class Saver 4

In this video you will learning: IF Function; Conditional Formatting; Table Creation & Table Uses; Total Row; Label Arrows > View and Filter Data; Copying from Table; Sorting Data; Filtering…

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K200 - Excel - In Class Saver 3

Video covers: 1. PMT function; 2. Creating several PMT functions for comparison

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K200 - Excel - In Class Saver 2

Video covers: 1. Renaming file; 2. Chart creation;

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K200 - Week 3 Instructions

Video Covers: Internet PPTs; The Internet Map; History of the Internet; How the Internet Work; PILOT Tutorial Set-up & Instructions; Exam 1 Study Guide

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K200 Windows 10

Manipulating Windows; Alt-Tab; Minimize, Maximize, Restore Down, & Close buttons; Moving windows; Views: Icon; List; Details. Created - 2018 Aug 26 04:00:56

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