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Rosemaling with Jan Boettcher

SPOTLIGHT: Jan Boettcher Thorntown, IN Jan Boettcher practices rosemaling, a type of traditional decorative painting. Her desire to connect with her Norwegian ancestry led her to learn the art from…

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Dee Nierman, Rag Rug Weaver

Fourth generation rag rug maker, Dee Nierman continues to weave using the same barn loom that her great-grandmother used. She explains, this loom has “seen many, many miles of rugs and carpets…

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MAA-Podcast-003: Poetry, Memory, and Art with Jenny Kander

An afternoon conversation with elder poet and textile artist Jenny Kander, where she talked about her life of words and art, and discussed how her creative practice supports her in later life.

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MAA-Podcast-001: Helen Keisel Remembers and Plays Accordion

A Concert and conversation with Helen Keisel, an Accordion player from Haubstadt, Indiana. From old-time fiddle tunes to German Polkas, Helen plays the music of her childhood. In this program she…

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MAA-Podcast-002: Harold Williams Makes Miniatures

Harold Williams Makes MiniaturesWheeling, IndianaHarold Williams makes miniatures of remembered places from his hometown of Wheeling in Gibson County, Indiana. When he was young, the small town…

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